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Why All the Questions?

I went to the dermatologist yesterday, and because it was my first time at that office, the nurse asked me a ton of questions:

  • Questions about my medical history.
  • Questions about any hereditary diseases that may run in my family.
  • Questions about any pre-existing conditions.
  • Questions about possible allergies.

QuestionsThe questions took some time to answer, but I was relieved that they took the time to ask, because only then could the doctor effectively prescribe the solution that I needed.

The same rings true with Interactive Agencies. Be weary of Internet marketers that don’t ask enough questions. There are too many Internet marketers that make wonderful claims of high page rank and conversion rates, but don’t take the time to ask the right questions. Instead, they hope that their pre-packaged solutions and routine tasks that may have worked for one business will work for yours.

That’s why a partnership with Xcellimark starts with a healthy dose of questions:

  • Questions about your business’ specific goals, regarding your business’ online presence.
  • Questions about your business’ value proposition and what makes your business different.
  • Questions about your business’ competition.
  • Questions about your business’ previous and current marketing efforts.

Contact Xcellimark today to answer these questions, and receive an Internet marketing solution that is tailored to your business’ unique challenges and needs.

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