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6 Traits That Pokemon Go & Inbound Marketing Have In Common (Infographic)

Pokemon Go, as of July 6th, is the latest craze. And let’s just say I never thought I would be the socially awkward person in the group by not playing it. Making an estimated $14.04 million in revenue to date so far, Pokemon Go is crushing it at its ROI game. Just last week I saved the CEO and COO of my company from two Pokemon on a business lunch break. Money well spent if you ask me. So when one of our employees pondered in a meeting this week the life-altering question of whether Pokemon Go could be compared to Inbound Marketing, I decided to save her and anyone else the anxiety of wondering anymore. My friends, you’re so very welcome.

Check out the Pokemon Go – Inbound Marketing Infographic below.

6 Traits Pokemon Go and Inbound Marketing Have In Common Infographic

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