6 Traits That Pokemon Go & Inbound Marketing Have In Common (Infographic)

Alexi Leimbach

Pokemon Go, as of July 6th, is the latest craze. And let’s just say I never thought I would be the socially awkward person in the group by not playing it. Making an estimated $14.04 million in revenue to date so far, Pokemon Go is crushing it at its ROI game. Just last week I saved the CEO and COO of my company from two Pokemon on a business lunch break. Money well spent if you ask me. So when one of our employees pondered in a meeting this week the life-altering question of whether Pokemon Go could be compared to Inbound Marketing, I decided to save her and anyone else the anxiety of wondering anymore. My friends, you’re so very welcome.

Check out the Pokemon Go – Inbound Marketing Infographic below.

6 Traits Pokemon Go and Inbound Marketing Have In Common Infographic
Alexi Leimbach

Written by Alexi Leimbach

Alexi Leimbach is currently the Director of Inbound Marketing at Xcellimark. She is also a US Navy Veteran that served as a Civil Engineer Corps (CEC) Officer. While in the Navy, Alexi served as a Naval Construction Manager, Staff Manager in the Headquarters of Naval Facilities Engineering Command Southwest (NAVFAC SW), Command Fitness Leader for NAVFAC SW, Marketing Chairman of the U.S. Navy Women’s Leadership Network, Battalion Commander at Officer Candidate School (OCS), a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers, and Engineers Without Borders. Prior to the Navy, Alexi earned her Civil Engineering Degree at the University of Florida and received her Engineer in Training (EIT) certification after passing the Civil Engineering Fundamentals Exam. Currently, Alexi is a Coach for The Engineering Management Accelerator, an intensive 5-week online workshop created by Anthony Fasano, PE, Founder of The Engineering Career Coach. The program specializes in training engineers to efficiently transition into skilled, productive, and competent managers at their firm. Alexi is also a trainer for The Engineering Management Institute, created and led by Anthony Fasano, PE. Together, they host a full day of live workshops held in various cities to train engineers in effective management. Alexi is also a featured contributor on Forbes.com and is published in multiple Forbes articles. Additionally, Alexi is an expert on the expert panel of the Forbes Councils and is a member of the Forbes Communications Council.

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