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Essential Tools To Boost Blog Retweets

For anyone involved in content marketing, it is not only important to write articles that will strike the right note with readers but also crucial to get as many eyes on the content as possible. Bloggers can’t simply sit back and wait for their online content to gain views organically; they need to put all manner of tools in place to help articles go viral. Twitter is a great platform for sharing and just one retweet (RT) can quickly be spread across thousands of feeds; luckily, there are a number of tools to aid the process.

Many of the tools used are WordPress plugins. These are pieces of software directly integrated into a blog that allow a diverse range of functions. They are simple to install and activate and require very little maintenance other than an upgrade now and then. There are also many free plugins, helping content marketers to keep their costs down.

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The Click To Tweet plugin takes simple blog sharing one step forward and allows viewers to share pre-defined quotes or ideas from a post. Simple blog post retweets can look a little boring; however, providing people with the option to tweet a quote or idea with minimal effort on their part is ideal. Another great example is Easy Tweet Embed. Whilst this plugin is not quite as attractive, it allows a simple link to be placed within content. All readers have to do is click the button to instantly send out a pre-defined tweet.

For companies wanting to actively engage with their customers and blog viewers, making retweeting part of a shared experience can be a great idea. Flare is a good tool for this; though it does not provide pre-written tweets, it does offer viewers a number of engaging statistics. When Flare buttons appear on a post they show how many shares an article has had. This often encourages readers to act, helping to boost shares and retweets. Digg Digg is a similar option that people might like if they want something simpler. Finally, is a good way to create pre-defined tweets that are not limited to WordPress blogs. These can be used within newsletters, PDFs and all manner of websites.

For content marketing, it is essential to make sharing as easy as possible. By introducing a number of ways for readers to engage with content, retweets are bound to rise.

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