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Proceed with Caution: How To Guest Post Appropriately

Earlier this year one SEO expert announced that guest blogging had essentially been annihilated by Google. The search engine took some major steps to ensure that low-quality pieces were filtered out of its search result, effectively meaning that article spinning and placing such content on guest websites had few, or even negative, effects on a company’s web ranking.

For those conducting content marketing the right way, however, this news should not have had a major effect; after all, if real and authoritative online articles are being posted, they are credited as such by the major search engines.

Here are three helpful steps for professionals to follow when considering guest post opportunities.

The first step for any content marketer looking to guest post is to choose the right publisher. In the past, articles were often posted on websites that had nothing to do with the content being showcased; now, it is extremely important to consider target audiences and only post articles on relevant websites. There are a number of ways to research good posting opportunities, including looking at a website’s subsections and checking out comments on relevant articles. Not only does this offer a gauge of how receptive an audience is but it can also tell marketers something about the social sharing metrics of an individual article and a website as a whole.


The second step of guest blogging is to seek out information gaps. There is no point rehashing current content, as this is effectively article spinning and gets marketers nowhere; instead, look for information gaps or create common content but from another perspective. Alternatively, take a subject and look at it either in a deeper or broader context. For those writing in a specific niche, take the time to actually ask people what they want to read about.

Finally, it is vital that all content comes across with authority and professionalism. Badly written online articles that provide no credibility will be quickly banished to the depths of Google search. Talk to experts not only about what to write but also include their comments. Alternatively, generate a case study to examine a particular subject and feed back the actual results. Both of these methods will gain credibility and sharing potential.

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