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Content Creation Ranks as the Most Effective SEO Tactic

Marketing Sherpa surveyed over 1,500 marketers, and they indicated that content creation is the most effective SEO tactic, even above keyphrase research and title tags.

With Google’s latest algorithm changes, websites that have new and fresh content are ranking on page 1 of the search results. Google infers that if the content is new, it is relevant and useful for its users. So here are two questions to ask yourself: (1) How old is the content on my website? And (2) How long has it been since I’ve added or updated new content?

Here are some additional benefits of providing fresh content on your website:


  • Gives your website visitors a reason to come back
  • Communicates to Google what your business is about
  • Lets Google know that you care about your site visitors by providing new, relevant, and useful information on an on-going basis
  • Will positively impact your search rankings when optimized for targeted search terms or keyphrases


Many people are surprised to know that Google crawls or indexes your website every 10-15 days. If every time Google indexes your website they find that it’s the same stale content, your website will be demoted in the search rankings. Google will infer that your business is not engaging the online extension of your brand nor providing value to your website visitors.

A Blog Allows You to Publish New and Unique Content

Most people don’t have anything new to say about their business each week. Their company mission, team, and product line stays the same. So, you might be wondering why or how you would update your website on a regular basis. The answer is through a blog within your website. This allows you to publish new and unique content several times a month. Here are some ideas for topics to get you started:

  • Has your business attended any events or tradeshows lately (or do you plan to)?
  • Has your business won any awards or been recognized for anything lately?
  • Have you hired any new people?
  • Have you launched any new projects or acquired any new clients?
  • Have any new laws passed that would impact your industry or business?

Repurposing Content

Once you’ve published the new content, leverage it even further through social bookmarking, importing it to your social media profiles and sending out monthly newsletters.

Social bookmarking helps distribute your content throughout the Internet to build exposure, credibility, and new incoming links back to your website. Feeding the content onto your social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, results in more exposure for your content and opportunities for engagement. And a monthly e-newsletter helps educate current clients and prospects. It also keeps your brand in the forefront of their mind in case they need or want to refer someone to your products and services.

So, do you have a website marketer or SEO provider that is not talking to you about content creation or blogging? If so, they are not providing you with effective SEO.

Do you want to know how social bookmarking new content within your website’s blog can increase your search rankings and generate more leads/customers for your business? Contact Xcellimark today to implement the most effective SEO tactic today – content creation.


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