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Facebook for Business: A Natural Fit

We all know that social media networks are some of the most popular websites on the Internet. And businesses have not taken long to figure out that this would be a profitable place for them as well. Given this fact, business owners and marketing managers need to know how they can use Facebook to build brand loyalty.

Business People on FacebookUsing Social Media for Business Purposes

Facebook never came out and directly asked businesses to join their website. Rather, they created a network that was designed to help users connect and network in a personal and professional way. Businesses saw this platform as a natural opportunity to come in and market to people in a whole new way.

Facebook is completely open to this as long as businesses follow the terms for Pages outlined. First, a business sets up a custom page for their brand. Then, by word of mouth, internal promotion on Facebook (suggestions, messages, and ads), or outside promotion, the business awaits current and perspective customers to visit and “Like” the page. It is really a type of cooperative marketing that the world has never seen before.

Custom Pages: What They Do for Business

Individuals who are fans of a company will use the Facebook feature to "Like" the page. When they do this, the action appears on the individuals "Wall." Friends of the individual who "Liked" the page will see that activity as well and it might cause them to do the same. Even if it does not, it will at least signal to them that this company is trusted by a friend of theirs.

Facebook is free to use and many companies have seen massive success by using this form of social media. And the reach of your marketing and what you can learn about your customer base on Facebook is almost unlimited.

Facebook should be one of several strategies in your overall Internet marketing plan . If you’re a business owner or marketing manager who wants to speak with someone who knows how to set up a Facebook Page and help you run a social media campaign, contact Xcellimark today.

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