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Online Marketing is NOT a commodity

Online Marketing87 Octane gas is a commodity. No matter where you purchase it. It is offered per gallon at about a 5-cent range within a given area. Some fuel marketers may feel that they can charge an extra cent or two per gallon based on other incentives such as a preferred location or cleanliness of the store. However, no matter where you get your gas, it is essentially the same gas you can get at any convenient store or gas stop.

Cars are not a commodity. A Kia Sephia will never sell for the same price as a Lamborghini. Why? Let me list some reasons: performance, features, reliability, luxury, brand recognition, just to name a few.

Boost ROI with a Customized Online Marketing Plan

For the same reasons, online marketing is NOT a commodity. Business owners often tell me, “Oh yeah, we have SEO .” “We do social media.” “…and we got it at a good rate” or “much cheaper.” Savvy business marketers know that the important number to focus on is ROI. How much money did your online marketing investment make your company in terms of business results (PROFIT)?

Don’t invest in online marketing as if it’s a product on the shelf to check off your marketing shopping list. Be sure that your online marketing plan is customized to your business’ unique goals. Measure the effectiveness of your online marketing efforts. Ensure that you’re getting a return on your investment that justifies your efforts. Not all online marketing is created equal.

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