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Local Search Hits the Big Time - Part Two

In Part One of this article on Local Search, I talked about what a Local Listing is and how you can get one. Today's article will take that a step further by discussing how you can maximize your Local Listing to generate impressive results in the search engines.

We’ve seen many Place Pages that are doing little to nothing for a company in terms of promotion or getting people interested in buying from that company. Other Place Pages are very good at giving potential customers the information they need to do business with them.

There are also many outside factors that affect your Place page, such as Internet Yellow Pages and reviews. Understanding how those help or hurt your Local Listing is very important. In fact, I’ve seen many Place pages that have a tremendously negative impact on businesses due to the negative reviews that show up on that Place page. It is vital to your business to understand how to attract positive reviews and handle negative reviews.

Local Listings & Google Reviews

Don’t believe that you can simply get rid of the negative reviews or your Place page. If you have a negative Place page, you may hope that Google stops showing it, but that’s like saying you don’t want your business to ever show up in Google search results. Just plan on shutting your doors at that point.

Instead, you need to be proactive in getting your Place page set up correctly with positive information that promotes your business.

How Important is This Really?

Suffice it to say you have a window of opportunity right now to get your Local Listing or Place Page set up correctly in order to benefit from its power. Just like organic listings, only a limited number of Local Listings will be shown on the first page, and they are the ones who will be getting all the business. Therefore, the first ones to do it right will be the ones who win out in the long run.

Two key words in that last sentence – “First” and “Right”. Just like getting on the first page of Google search results doesn’t just happen for companies, getting your Place Page listing right doesn’t just happen either. You need to hire a company that truly understands how to do it right from the beginning and how to get the most from the listing.

There is tremendous business to be had for companies who deal with the local market and who act now to get their Local Listing or Place page correct. Will you be one of those businesses who take the necessary steps to get it right to beat your competitors? Now is the time to act.

Xcellimark employees are specialists in Local Search and Place Pages. If you need the help to do it right, give us a call or email us and we’ll be glad to work with you to “git r done!”

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