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Mining Social Data to Create a Content Strategy

Most marketers are already aware of just how important social media can be, and many companies, products, brands and celebrities already use channels like Facebook and Twitter to connect with their audience. However, author Simon Penson recently wrote an article for Search Engine Watch that investigates just how to obtain tangible information from social media use to learn more about target demographics and their preferences.

What the Web Remembers About Users

It might be a shock to realize just how much personal information applications and browsers know about individual users. In the case of Facebook, those with profiles are watched closely, and Facebook can say exactly what a person looks at most, what brands they appreciate and what celebrities they are most likely to look at. Google, as well, categorizes information that marketers may be able to use.

How to Use the Information You Gather

Once you find information about what your target demographic does online and what they are interested in, you can use it to your advantage. If you discover that your target audience loves a particular celebrity, for example, you might hire them as a spokesperson or even cast a lookalike for a future campaign.

If you are involved in marketing, you will definitely want to read the full article here to discover how to uncover information gathered through social media.

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