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Blogging and Juggling ? Keeping Track and Staying Organized - Part Two

In part one of this blog post, I discussed the importance of organizing your blogs. Now we're going to get into some of the specific methods I use to stay on top of the multiple blogs I write and publish. Publishing Consistently

Ideas that Work for Me

A couple of ideas that work for me in keeping track of all my blog posts include a spreadsheet with links to each article, the date they were published, and the date they were bookmarked. This makes it easy to find the articles for future reference without having to scroll through every live blog post.

I also keep daily folders on my computer that include each original article. Having the articles easily accessible by date is sometimes easier than finding them by title alone. Of course, you should have an “Archives” folder on your blog so that you (or anyone else) can locate the published versions by date; but as a writer, you often need the original version – especially before they are published.

I don’t always write my blog articles on the day they are published, so this organization process helps me keep up with articles and schedule them for future publication. Getting ahead of schedule is one of the joys of my work life and staying organized goes a long way in helping me do that! Until next time, stay on track with your blog writing.

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