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Blogging and Juggling ? Keeping Track and Staying Organized

Staying organized is a challenge to most of us on any given day, but we all know that the better organized we are, the more productive we are. Juggling a variety of tasks can be tricky, but creating a plan and a way to keep track of what has been completed and what remains to be done is important.

Managing a blog is no exception. We have to stay on track with our writing and publishing to be successful. I write for several different blogs and I supply others with blog posts to be published in various places – some I publish myself; others are published by a different team member. It gets more than tricky sometimes to keep up with where everything is going. Scheduling Blogs

Why Keep Track?

First of all, we want to write about a variety of topics to keep our readers interested. This may not seem too difficult in the beginning, but once you’ve been writing for a while (weeks/months – not so bad; years – oh yeah), it’s important to keep track of what you’ve already written about so you can come up with fresh ideas and not bore your readers with the same ol’ content.

Also, if you use social bookmarking to provide additional exposure for your articles, it is important to know which articles are bookmarked to the various bookmarking sites you utilize.

The Importance of a Schedule

In previous articles, I’ve discussed how important it is to post to your blog consistently – at least two to three times per week. So creating a schedule that you can stick to is one step in the process we shouldn’t overlook. Scheduling is just one of the ways I stay on track but next week in part two of this blog post, I will share a few other ideas that work for me.

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