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The Importance of Website Analytics


The Importance of Website Analytics | Xcellimark BlogWe might have all heard the saying, “It’s not about where you’ve been; it’s about where you’re going.” It points out the importance of our future and what we’re doing to get there, compared to the significance of our past.

But what is more important in the world of online marketing? What would you rather know about those visiting your website? Do you know how they’re finding your website? Do you know what they’re doing once they’ve discovered your brand online?

I admit, it’s a trick question. The answer is that BOTH are important: where people are coming from and what they do once they’ve engaged your brand/website online. To be able to decipher these behaviors, the installation of analytical tools and diligent monitoring of these metrics are required. This allows online marketers to make educated decisions on how they can better increase their site traffic and increase conversion rates for those that do visit their website.

Once you answer questions like these….

  1. How did people find my website?
  2. What did they do once they came to my website?
  3. How long did they stay or how many pages did they view?
  4. How far down the purchase path did they pursue?
  5. Where are they abandoning my website?

You will be able to answer questions like these….

  1. What keyphrases should I target in my SEO and PPC effort?
  2. How can I better optimize my conversion path?
  3. Is my landing page effectively communicating my value proposition?
  4. Am I attracting the right audience?
  5. Is my messaging appropriate for those finding my site?

Xcellimark can help you find answers to all these questions. Let us know how we can help you.

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