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Orlando Inbound Marketing Agency Enters ASCE Innovation Contest

Logo_2013BlackXcellimark, an Inbound Marketing agency headquartered in Orlando, Florida is currently participating in the American Society of Civil Engineering (ASCE) Innovation Contest.

A crowd source contest, the ASCE Innovation Contest gives professionals, educators, and students the chance to share ideas, projects and theories they feel will help the civil engineering industry cut costs, increase efficiency, and overall create a better infrastructure for the nation in four topic areas.

Xcellimark focused specifically on “Innovative Business Models & Technologies.”

This topic posed questions such as:

  • What are new and effective business models and technologies to help lower costs and improve quality in civil engineering projects?
  • How can we mitigate risks and lower existing barriers to innovation within the civil engineer industry?

Contest winners will have the opportunity to:

  • present their ideas to and network with industry leaders/evaluators,
  • be considered for research grants
  • be recognized in trade publications
  • receive special recognition and awards

Xcellimark’s decision to enter the contest in the “Innovative Business Models & Technologies” category was based on their vision to bridge the gap between the pre-sale marketing stage, to close out of the project, and customer reengagement after the project is complete.

“Engineers, and companies searching to hire engineering companies, perform 80% of all their research and education online today. The challenge for engineering firms is they lack an effective marketing methodology to deliver the information their potential clients seek throughout their evaluation journey. This significantly increases the risk of the project scope changing and requiring additional resources to be expended during a fixed cost project. Engineering firms also use many different discrete technologies for marketing, sales, project management and customer service that do not integrate with each other. The result is incomplete and conflicting information throughout the project being utilized by multiple departments and companies. These are some of the primary causes why many civil engineering projects lose money or do not complete a project on time,” said Scott Lambert, President of Xcellimark. “Our business model on implementing an Inbound Marketing approach to the marketing and sales process of the engineering firm, combined with a single integrated technology platform connected through API interfaces, can help resolve these issues. It puts engineering firms in a better position to win the business, gain more knowledge about their opportunities and customers, and save them money and time on their projects.”

About Xcellimark:

Xcellimark, an award-winning digital marketing agency that focuses on growing their clients business through an inbound marketing approach that includes custom web design and integrated search engine optimizationsocial mediaemail and content marketing solutions. The result is a more impressive brand image, higher inbound traffic, more qualified leads and greater customer growth.

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