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How a Homeless Shelter Increased Revenue & Revolutionized Donor Management with HubSpot

Greenwood Pathway House is the only homeless shelter and support for children and adults in the Lakelands Region of South Carolina. They exist to help homeless[...]

Xcellimark Helps Canadian Immigration Lawyers Increase Internet Lead Conversion Rates By 72.7%

Designing, programming and writing an Internet landing page that will encourage people to take a specific action takes a well thought-out process and strategy. It’s[...]

Xcellimark Helps Schakolad Chocolate Factory Increase the Click-Through Rate to Their Shopping Car

After attending a seminar put on by Xcellimark on the importance of getting better conversion rates on your website as opposed to always concentrating on gaining[...]

A New Website Developed By Xcellimark Helps Increase Conversion Rates for Gran Pacifica by 438%

Xcellimark recently worked with Gran Pacifica to redesign their website and Internet presence. The purpose of the redesign and development was to help better[...]

Xcellimark Increased Grand Bayman's Website Closure Rate by 83%

Most people think a website is just a website and as long as they have one, they feel that they are doing enough to actively engage their audience in online[...]

See How One Business Increased Sales by 105%

For years, was marketed online through traditional SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tactics, such as link-building and directory[...]
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