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Can The Yellow Pages Still Cut It In 2014?

Not too long ago, the first method anyone thought about to get local information was to look in the Yellow Pages. Had the company’s owners shown a little more[...]

Microsoft And Foursquare Partnership Focuses On Local Search

In the rush to improve local search facilities for mobile devices, Microsoft has been in danger of being left behind. Now a deal with Foursquare could be about to[...]

Mobile Device Usage & Local Search Help Yelp's Revenue Growth

Yelp may have run into trouble with a lawsuit and allegations about fake reviews last year, but judging by the fourth quarter results it revealed yesterday, they[...]

4 Things Every Local Search Pack Needs

Local search has become dominant in all of the major search engines, so becoming part of the "local search pack" is important for any business whose market is local.[...]

Yahoo Upgrades Local Search

Improving the visibility of a business for local customers can require very different tools to those for improving its profile more generally. For some businesses,[...]

2013 Was A Good Year For Search

The release of fourth-quarter U.S. stats has confirmed that 2013 was a strong year for digital marketing and one that has seen continued growth despite witnessing[...]

Too Rude For Android

They are considered so rude as to be unswipeable and off-limits to Android users in a rush, yet some of them are so mundane that it is bizarre to find them there.[...]

"Okay Google" Brings Voice Search To PCs

Google told us to expect changes in its search interface and it turns out this was not just talk; in fact, Google wants users to start talking to it. Using[...]

Looking Good On Google

With the busiest shopping period of the year now underway, Google has introduced a new feature that will thrill retailers promoting their products online –[...]

Place Pins Prompt Fresh Interest In Pinterest

The steady growth of Pinterest has seen advertisers increasingly interested in it but, with the exception of a few well-designed visual campaigns, not making much[...]
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