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Google Takes Action Over Malware

Just weeks after Yahoo was caught up in a malware scandal surrounding its ads, Google has stepped in to withdraw two Chrome browser extensions that were found to be[...]

Yelp Aims To Detect Paid Reviews

“We have a team that is dedicated to running sting operations,” Yelp CEO Jeremy Stoppelman told the Telegraph this week. “So we pose as review writers who are[...]

Yahoo Hones In On Contextual Search With Aviate

Following last week’s hacking scandal Yahoo has come out fighting, with CEO Marissa Mayer putting on quite a performance at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las[...]

Android Sales Set To Hit One Billion

Despite a slight slackening in its rate of expansion, Android is set to pass one billion device sales this year, putting it well ahead of Apple’s mobile devices and[...]

Bing Targets Awards Event Fans

Most people on the internet love movies, right? Bing certainly thinks so, and this is why it has launched a brand new awards site focused on the upcoming Golden[...]

Malware Attack On Yahoo Could Impact Advertisers

It was discovered on Friday, but it may have been going on for a week. Adverts on Yahoo have been infecting users’ computers with malware and may have been turning[...]

Bing Foundations Finally Complete, Says Microsoft

Over the past six years, Bing has been fighting not only to stay ahead of its rivals but also to effectively develop its own internal foundations. Now, according to[...]

Google Glass Faces A Challenger

As Google brings out the updated version of Google Glass this winter, news of a new competitor has the tech world in a state of excitement. Ambitious start-up[...]

Blaise Agüera y Arcas Quits Microsoft For Google

The rivalry between Microsoft and Google rarely gets more intense than when it comes to personnel. With only a very few people considered top-level talent, both[...]

Google Adds New Metrics In AdWords For YouTube

A new group of metrics on Google AdWords forYouTube has advertisers getting excited this week. Lately this blog has featured a number of stories about how things are[...]
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