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Fighting a Losing Battle with Google?

Being pushed down in the rankings by Google because of spam can be devastating for an online business. Naturally most people fight hard to recover when this happens[...]

Okay Google: What You Need To Know

It has been a year in development, but just a couple days ago the world’s biggest search engine announced on its blog that Okay Google is ready to go live. To begin[...]

Bing Gets Tough On Keyword Stuffing

Catching up with the other major search engines, Bing has now come down hard on keyword stuffing, using fierce language in what may be an attempt to make up for its[...]

Icis Eyes Gives Google Glass A Run For Their Money

Even before Google Glass appeared, numerous companies were looking into the possibilities offered by wearable computing technology, especially for the eyes. Since it[...]

How To Help Webcrawlers Understand Scrolling Sites

As we recently reported on this blog, changes at Google have been causing problems for long scrolling sites. Other search engines also have difficulty crawling them[...]

Sharpen Up Mobile SEO For 2014

With mobile use growing more common, new strategies are being developed by search engine optimization experts to make mobile-friendly sites more attractive to search[...]

Optimizing Mobile Search Strategies

In the year that mobile searching is expected to become the predominant form, it has never been more important to have a search engine optimization strategy that[...]

Poor Results Could Signal A Bleak Future For Yahoo

Yahoo announced its fourth quarter earnings yesterday, and things are not looking good for the struggling search engine. While it has successfully broadened its[...]

Google Purchases Artificial Intelligence Startup DeepMind

To get into the robotics business, it is a good idea to have a team that can build machine intelligence. If already in the search engine business, such a team might[...]

Google Knowledge Graph Incorporated In Search

Google searches are changing. For some time now the search engine’s team has been talking about ways it might enrich the search experience and it has now begun to do[...]
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