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Google Bug Fix Highlights Importance of Updates

Last week there was widespread panic in the world of internet marketing after keyword information disappeared from Google. Rumors flew around about the possible[...]

Meet Google Hummingbird

Over the past few weeks, search engine optimization experts have been whispering among themselves that Google seemed to be behaving strangely. On Thursday – the day[...]

Secure Search to be Standard on Google

With studies showing that privacy concerns are increasingly leading members of the public to change their online habits, Google has begun to change the way its[...]

Bing Ads Location Extension Goes Live

Originally announced in June, the new Bing local search extensions are finally here. Smart advertisers will be hurrying to upload data so that they can take full[...]

Click Curves Reveal Mobile Marketing Secrets

The first ever click curve report for mobile devices was released this week, and its results should make search engine optimization marketers sit up and take notice.[...]

New Look Bing Adapts To Devices

Bing has a brand new logo and if you keep an eye on the search engine over the next few days, you will notice that the logo is not all that has changed. This will be[...]

Setting Up a Content Marketing Strategy

What does it mean to have a solid content marketing strategy? Many people assume that it is about using systems such as Google Analytics to identify the keywords and[...]

Be Natural, Says Bing

Bing has been giving advice on link building with hints about how it approaches penalizing sites in its rankings. Some of what is forbidden is pretty straightforward[...]

Making the Most of Your Unique Assets

The encroachment of Google Penguin 2.0 means that many business websites have seen their search engine rankings crash as traditional forms of link building have lost[...]

Bing Reinvents Its Shopping Searches

Big changes are underway at Microsoft search engine Bing, with a complete revamp of how it organizes product information. The new Product Search will make it easier[...]
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