Making the Most of Your Unique Assets

Nancy Lambert

The encroachment of Google Penguin 2.0 means that many business websites have seen their search engine rankings crash as traditional forms of link building have lost their utility, yet many businesses have linking opportunities that they never take full advantage of. When old fashioned search engine optimization campaigns no longer cut it, it is time to start looking at how these can be brought into play.

Search Engine Filters

To work around search engine filters, it helps to think about what they are for. First and foremost, search engines aim to put social, personal and commercial sites on an equal footing. They do this by trying to filter out corporate versions of the former and penalize aggressive marketing by the latter. Personal sites generally enjoy an easy ride. What distinguishes a personal site? A personal site has personality. Businesses can have personality too; when they show personality, they get rewarded.

The personality of a business is generally built around three things: its brand "voice", the way it fits into its community, and the personalities of its owners. This is one area in which small businesses often have an advantage over larger ones. They are more likely to be locally based with owners who interact directly with customers, and they are more likely to have a brand built directly around the passions of those involved.

To use a brand effectively in link building, it is good to start by thinking about what a person with that approach to life might ally themselves with. Rather than aiming for safe blandness, a business can ally itself with various causes and create cross-promotional relationships with them. If it does not have much money then it can try donating expertise to help charities, whose links can boost both its rankings and its public image.

Community engagement can also mean connecting with the local press. Links from newspapers are extremely valuable in search engine optimization, and many local papers struggle to find enough content. It is also good to be part of a trade community and get links in the trade press by contributing to joint projects.

Finally, business owners should think about their personal traits and what these might give them access to. They might belong to social minority groups and find related networking opportunities that can lead to links. They might have hobbies that give them the know-how to write for specialist publications and mention their businesses in the bylines. There are lots of possibilities.

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