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Yelp Exposes Review Cheats

Anyone who has been tempted to boost their business profile by soliciting reviews will be thinking twice today after Yelp announced that it has identified more[...]

Mastering B2B Content Marketing

Business marketers know they have to do things differently online. The fact that most firms are playing to distracted, media-overloaded audiences means that it's[...]

3 Horror Movie Lessons from a Project Manager

1. Stay Together! – Teamwork I recently told someone that if we looked through different websites or landing pages, I could point out specific, successful, elements[...]

Top 3 Search Engine Optimization Tips for 2012 Direct From Google

Many of you know who Matt Cutts is, but for those who don’t, Matt Cutts is the original “Google Guy” who used to blog anonymously for Google, giving out tips and[...]

Discovering the Beauty of the People and Country of Kenya Through Global Teams

In my monthly blog articles I normally talk about either something that is going on within the “Internet marketing” community or about one of our clients. This month[...]

Caye International Bank Launches New Website and Informational Blog

It’s been a delight working with Caye International Bank as they partnered with Xcellimark to upgrade and enhance their online presence through a new website and[...]

Karlsberg Insurance Revamps Their Website To Improve Overall Image and Communications

It has been very exciting working with Karlsberg Insurance as we revamped their website and set up social networking and content marketing in order to improve their[...]

Exotic Caye Beach Resort Gets a Makeover

It has been such a pleasure working with the different entities and properties associated with ECI Development this past year and we are excited to announce the[...]

Xcellimark Helps Canadian Immigration Lawyers Increase Internet Lead Conversion Rates By 72.7%

Designing, programming and writing an Internet landing page that will encourage people to take a specific action takes a well thought-out process and strategy. It’s[...]

Does Your Website Have What it Takes to Stay in Google's Search Results? - Part Two

In my article last week, I talked about some of the new changes to Google’s algorithm and how it impacts your website’s rankings. One of those changes was the[...]
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