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Using Twitter To Drive Sales

There is an extremely fine line when it comes to self-promotion on social networks. Push for sales too much and people are quickly turned off, with negativity[...]

Simple Facebook Tactics For Marketing Strategies

Facebook marketing can seem extremely daunting for the unprepared; in fact, any form of social media marketing can put fear into many executives. There are some easy[...]

New Survey Reveals Twitter Weaknesses And Strengths

Experiencing a post-IPO slump is hardly unusual for a large internet-focused company. Twitter has been nowhere near as badly hit as Facebook was in 2012;[...]

Google And Yelp Are Broken, Says Foursquare CEO

Speaking at the GigaOM Structure Data conference yesterday, Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley described Google and Yelp as “incredibly broken,” arguing that they are no[...]

More Comprehensive Bing Search Data Boosts SEO

In response to feedback from marketers, Bing has updated its search terms report to significantly extend the data available for search engine optimization purposes.[...]

The Importance of a Website with Visual Appeal

The Internet is becoming more image oriented, and Internet marketers and web designers need to keep up. This is the stark message coming from the search engines as[...]

Google announces AdWords Annotations to be Debuted in Canada, UK and US

Google has commenced a roll out of annotations to AdWords ads that give details of consumer ratings at the foot of each advertisement. These will initially appear on[...]

Look Inside Says Yahoo

At one point or another most people have experienced the frustration of visiting a mall where they are sure a particular store can be found but not being able to[...]

Keeping It Simple: Five Priorities In Web Design

When it comes to web design there are always new tricks to learn; however, what sometimes gets lost along the way is the importance of simplicity.

Should Yahoo Be More Like Vogue?

Sometimes the best ideas in marketing come from bringing disparate ideas together. This is just what Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer has done, announcing in a recent interview[...]
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