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Facebook Expands Ad Targeting Options

Facebook is offering an expanded range of ad options to marketers, which is great news for those working in local search. A new geography tagging system will make it[...]

Sharpen Up Mobile SEO For 2014

With mobile use growing more common, new strategies are being developed by search engine optimization experts to make mobile-friendly sites more attractive to search[...]

Mobile Device Usage & Local Search Help Yelp's Revenue Growth

Yelp may have run into trouble with a lawsuit and allegations about fake reviews last year, but judging by the fourth quarter results it revealed yesterday, they[...]

Poor Results Could Signal A Bleak Future For Yahoo

Yahoo announced its fourth quarter earnings yesterday, and things are not looking good for the struggling search engine. While it has successfully broadened its[...]

Like Farming Causes Problems For Facebook

Every business trying to grow its presence on Facebook has sought to have people "like" its page and posts, but recent discoveries have revealed a darker side to an[...]

Yelp Ordered To Identify Reviewers

There has been an alarm in Yelp circles this week due to a court’s decision to order that the identities of seven of its reviewers be revealed. The decision follows[...]

Get Noticed On Twitter

Sometimes it can feel as if endless effort goes into Twitter without very much coming back out. There is so much happening on there, all formatted in much the same[...]

Gmail Image Caching Obscures User Data

New moves at Gmail could make it faster, more private and more secure for users, but the moves are bad news for marketers. An apparently simple but far-reaching[...]

The Rise And Rise Of Video Sharing

Everyone knew it was a growing phenomenon, but new data that reveals just how much the popularity of online video sharing has grown is taking even experts by[...]

"Okay Google" Brings Voice Search To PCs

Google told us to expect changes in its search interface and it turns out this was not just talk; in fact, Google wants users to start talking to it. Using[...]
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