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Content Marketing Budgets On The Rise

A new survey into online marketing has shown that around 60% of businesses now have dedicated content marketing budgets; however, a significant number of them are[...]

Why Content Marketing is Critical for a Successful Website Redesign

Almost any company today that wants to grow their business online, especially in a competitive market, must think and act like a publisher.

Six Tips For Content Promotion

It is widely known that content marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach new customers; however, although many people now know how to create good[...]

Google Suspicious Of Guest Blogging

Sooner or later, it had to happen – guest blogs themselves have become a sign of potential spam. In his video blog this week, Matt Cutts warned bloggers that the[...]

Bing Releases Searchable Image Text System

What if the text in images could be read by a search system as easily as text on a web page? This is the thinking behind Bing’s new smart search system. Drawing on[...]

5 Lessons Cats Teach Us about Creating Blissfully Mindless Content

When creating content, it is easy to get focused on educational content that teaches the readers something important.

Brand Marketers Must Manage Digital Content to Increase Traffic

Digital content marketing forces modern companies to take direct control of their output in order to foster more productive consumer dialogue. A recent case study of[...]

Content Writing: Visibility, Thought Leadership and Conversions

The Internet is no longer a monochrome mass of size-12 Times New Roman font, bright blue links and dense paragraphs of poorly optimized copy. These days, successful[...]

The Importance of Balancing SEO and Engaging Copy in Your Content Marketing Strategy

Whether you're a veteran Web marketer or a digital newbie, content marketing is crucial to your Internet marketing strategy. Thanks to changing consumer tastes and[...]

Creating Content To Earn Incoming Links

One of the key ways that search engines like Google rank webpages is through the number of quality incoming links directed to the site. Kumail Hemani, writing for[...]
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