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5 Reasons Why You Should Be Writing Longer Blog Posts

In the content-marketing world, it has long been an article of faith that short, snappy, well-optimized blog posts are preferable to longer blog posts. This is a[...]

The 4 Deadly (Ghastly!) Blog Article Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

So, you may have heard of the seven deadly sins in life, which yes, those can be bad, but did you know about the four deadly, downright ghastly, blog mistakes that[...]

How To Create A Stir With Your Blog Posts

The blogging world is a vast realm, and obscurity is the biggest hurdle for most writers. Being found and read when there are so many other websites and blogs[...]

How To Use News Feed Ads On Facebook

Regardless of whether a company is promoting a new product or attempting to focus extra eyes on its online articles, some form of paid advertising is usually[...]

Proceed with Caution: How To Guest Post Appropriately

Earlier this year one SEO expert announced that guest blogging had essentially been annihilated by Google. The search engine took some major steps to ensure that[...]

Overcome Content Marketing Strategy Fears In Three Steps

A new joint report from the UK Direct Marketing Association on Content Marketing and the Content Marketing Institute has revealed that one of the largest hurdles to[...]

3 Ways To Increase The Visibility Of Your Blog Posts

Producing and developing a blog is a great way for companies to not only gain more customers but also to express their brand and personality; however, creating a[...]

Creating B2B Content Requires A Carefully Developed Sales Funnel

A top priority for many companies is ensuring that business leads result in as many conversions as possible. Content marketing plays a crucial role here, with[...]

Essential Tools To Boost Blog Retweets

For anyone involved in content marketing, it is not only important to write articles that will strike the right note with readers but also crucial to get as many[...]

Improve Your Content Marketing Strategies With Analytics

Many companies are seeking to significantly boost the amount of investment they funnel into content marketing. With this in mind, it is important to consider just[...]
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