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Google Admits Social Media Mistake

It was the company's biggest mistake, said Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt, and it will never happen again. He was referring to his failure to anticipate “the[...]

New Study Seeks To Explain Facebook Youth Exodus

It has been clear for some time that Facebook has been struggling to hold on to the youth market, and one study has looked at the reasons why this is occurring. It[...]

Android Ambitions Spur New Facebook Purchase

As it launches a new look for its Android app, it would seem that Facebook is also in the market for a new way of analyzing its performance. The social networking[...]

Twitter Goes Local

There have already been a lot of changes at Twitter since its floatation last month, and now the social network is making a move into the local search market. The[...]

Facebook And Mark Zuckerberg To Face IPO Lawsuit

It is over a year and a half since it happened, but a court ruling revealed yesterday means that Facebook is now set to face charges over the handling of its[...]

Facebook Hires Artificial Intelligence Expert

Yesterday this blog reported on the transfer of machine learning expert Blaise Agüera y Arcas from Microsoft to Google. Today we can report that Facebook is also[...]

New Facebook Video Ad Plans Revealed

A copy of a presentation deck designed by Facebook for marketing its new video ad scheme was yesterday obtained by TechCrunch and has sparked intense debate within[...]

Instagram Direct Speeds Up Targeted Photo Sharing

Instagram has a new feature as of this week, and it is one with interesting potential for internet marketers. Instagram Direct provides a new option for quickly[...]

Get Noticed On Twitter

Sometimes it can feel as if endless effort goes into Twitter without very much coming back out. There is so much happening on there, all formatted in much the same[...]

Pay To Play, Facebook Tells Businesses

Facebook says it is about making the user experience on its network more enjoyable. Critics say it is all about the money. Either way, Facebook has now admitted that[...]
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