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Facebook Forecasts Are Looking Good

Judging by the way the markets are behaving in anticipation of Facebook’s annual earnings report, which will be released tomorrow, it seems that reports of the[...]

Pinterest Creates Personalized Home Pages

When Pinterest declared last summer that it was looking at new ways of personalizing comment, some people in the social media marketing business wondered if this[...]

Facebook Extends Its Ad Network

After hinting at the possibility for years, Facebook has finally begun testing a new approach to advertising by delivering ads directly to third-party mobile apps.[...]

Like Farming Causes Problems For Facebook

Every business trying to grow its presence on Facebook has sought to have people "like" its page and posts, but recent discoveries have revealed a darker side to an[...]

What Is Trending On Facebook?

After running tests on small groups of users last summer, Facebook has now launched a Trending section alongside its newsfeed. Competing directly with Twitter, this[...]

Twitter Refreshed To Reflect Mobile Interface

Twitter is rolling out a new look this week; however, it is one that some users will already be familiar with, as the interface used for IOS and Android has been[...]

Study Reveals Where Top Retailers Source Traffic

A new study looking at the online social activity of 900 top-rated retail companies over 2013 has found that Facebook is their number one choice for paid[...]

Yelp Ordered To Identify Reviewers

There has been an alarm in Yelp circles this week due to a court’s decision to order that the identities of seven of its reviewers be revealed. The decision follows[...]

No More Sponsored Stories On Facebook

The social media giant has announced that sponsored stories are to disappear from Facebook effective April 9th. Due to their high potential for conversion, sponsored[...]

Comic Strips May Go Social With Google

Turning a conversation into a comic strip – it is not new, but it could function in a new way. A patent filed by Google this week suggests that the search engine[...]
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