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Simple Facebook Tactics For Marketing Strategies

Facebook marketing can seem extremely daunting for the unprepared; in fact, any form of social media marketing can put fear into many executives. There are some easy[...]

New Survey Reveals Twitter Weaknesses And Strengths

Experiencing a post-IPO slump is hardly unusual for a large internet-focused company. Twitter has been nowhere near as badly hit as Facebook was in 2012;[...]

Facebook Updates Business Pages

After a long time spent making promises, Facebook finally got around to updating their business pages last week, and they are looking good. For a start the pages now[...]

Fan Promotion On Pinterest

No matter how much money might be saved by taking a DIY approach to online marketing, it can be costly in terms of time. Wouldn’t it be better to get your customers[...]

Yahoo Gets Tough

For the past four years Yahoo has pursued a strategy of friendliness and cooperation, allowing people who wanted to access its search and other services to login[...]

Online Video Marketing Continues To Grow

Over the past couple of years, online video has increasingly been hailed as a revolutionary force in content marketing, but now there are some figures to back up the[...]

Twitter Introduces New Marketing Option

Over the past few years Twitter has become influential enough to be a serious contender in social media marketing; however, it has always struggled to monetize its[...]

Facebook Expands Ad Targeting Options

Facebook is offering an expanded range of ad options to marketers, which is great news for those working in local search. A new geography tagging system will make it[...]

Facebook To Buy WhatsApp

In a deal that has shocked the markets, Facebook has agreed to spend $19bn in order to acquire the mobile messaging start-up WhatsApp, which has enjoyed a meteoric[...]

Facebook Seeks More Small Business Customers

Less than two weeks after the social media giant reported its best-ever quarterly results, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg has been talking about the importance of its[...]
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