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Xcellimark Launches New Website for Simply Florida Real Estate That Makes It Easy For Potential Buyers

Digital Marketing Agency Xcellimark recently launched a new realtor marketing system for Simply Florida Real Estate. Simply Florida Real Estate is comprised of a[...]

Xcellimark Launches New Website & Integrations for PlusOne Solutions®

Orlando's award-winning digital marketing agency Xcellimark recently worked with PlusOne Solutions® to launch an updated and responsive website optimized for all[...]

Utilize Twitter As A Listening Tool To Find Prospects

Twitter has grown enormously in quite a short time. Over that time this social media tool has developed to include direct messaging and hashtags, and a wide variety[...]

How to Create an Attention-Grabbing Instagram Profile

I don't know about you, but I'm an Instagram addict! At any time of the day (or night), I can be seen grabbing my phone or tablet to scroll through my feed for the[...]

How To Create A Stir With Your Blog Posts

The blogging world is a vast realm, and obscurity is the biggest hurdle for most writers. Being found and read when there are so many other websites and blogs[...]

3 Ways To Increase The Visibility Of Your Blog Posts

Producing and developing a blog is a great way for companies to not only gain more customers but also to express their brand and personality; however, creating a[...]

Fan Promotion On Pinterest

No matter how much money might be saved by taking a DIY approach to online marketing, it can be costly in terms of time. Wouldn’t it be better to get your customers[...]

Yahoo Partners With Yelp On Local Search

A new deal between Yahoo and Yelp looks set to shake up the local search market. Emerging on Friday, the deal involves building Yelp’s reviews and local data into[...]

Facebook Forecasts Are Looking Good

Judging by the way the markets are behaving in anticipation of Facebook’s annual earnings report, which will be released tomorrow, it seems that reports of the[...]

Pinterest Creates Personalized Home Pages

When Pinterest declared last summer that it was looking at new ways of personalizing comment, some people in the social media marketing business wondered if this[...]
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