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Bing Releases Searchable Image Text System

What if the text in images could be read by a search system as easily as text on a web page? This is the thinking behind Bing’s new smart search system. Drawing on[...]

Why Internet Businesses Love Likes

In the world of Internet business, social media marketing content that attracts many "likes" is considered by some to be worth its weight in gold. They are probably[...]

New Facebook Algorithm to Change the Game for Advertisers

Facebook is once again revising the way it prioritizes the stories that users see. A series of new updates aiming to push popular stories to the top looks set to[...]

Boost Your Site Profile with Topical Twitter Content

How can a business get its site noticed more on Twitter? Making effective use of topical content on a business website can really make a difference; what is more, it[...]

Meet Mixbit, The New Online Video App

Sometimes one waits years for a mobile-friendly video marketing app and then three come along at once. Hot on the heels of Vine and Instagram comes Mixbit, a new[...]

Increasing Local Visibility with Google Maps Apps

Local business owners looking for a new way to strengthen their advertising campaigns will be pleased to hear about the latest developments at Google Maps. With[...]

Are Meta Tags Still Important to Your Site's Success?

Meta tags, which Wikipedia describes as a way to portray information about your site, are capable of letting anyone who takes a look at your site's information in[...]

Search Engine Marketing Ties Everything Together

Successful search engine marketing campaigns demand expertly optimized content and close monitoring of metrics that can determine its effectiveness. To maximize your[...]

5 Lessons Cats Teach Us about Creating Blissfully Mindless Content

When creating content, it is easy to get focused on educational content that teaches the readers something important.

Idiosyncrasies of Marketing in the Digital Era

In years past, marketing meant making sure that potential customers understood the value of your brand or product. Candice Landau, of Xanthos Marketing, explains[...]
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