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Facebook Extends Its Ad Network

After hinting at the possibility for years, Facebook has finally begun testing a new approach to advertising by delivering ads directly to third-party mobile apps.[...]

Google Takes Action Over Malware

Just weeks after Yahoo was caught up in a malware scandal surrounding its ads, Google has stepped in to withdraw two Chrome browser extensions that were found to be[...]

Twitter Refreshed To Reflect Mobile Interface

Twitter is rolling out a new look this week; however, it is one that some users will already be familiar with, as the interface used for IOS and Android has been[...]

Yahoo Hones In On Contextual Search With Aviate

Following last week’s hacking scandal Yahoo has come out fighting, with CEO Marissa Mayer putting on quite a performance at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las[...]

Bing Targets Awards Event Fans

Most people on the internet love movies, right? Bing certainly thinks so, and this is why it has launched a brand new awards site focused on the upcoming Golden[...]

Google Admits Social Media Mistake

It was the company's biggest mistake, said Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt, and it will never happen again. He was referring to his failure to anticipate “the[...]

The Rise Of The Chromebook

The end of the year always sees a flurry of interesting sales statistics released, and this year is no exception. One of the most dramatic stories to emerge from[...]

Facebook And Mark Zuckerberg To Face IPO Lawsuit

It is over a year and a half since it happened, but a court ruling revealed yesterday means that Facebook is now set to face charges over the handling of its[...]

Blaise Agüera y Arcas Quits Microsoft For Google

The rivalry between Microsoft and Google rarely gets more intense than when it comes to personnel. With only a very few people considered top-level talent, both[...]

Black Friday And Thanksgiving Reveal Growth Of Mobile

Sales data is now beginning to emerge from Thanksgiving and Black Friday, and it looks like the big winner is the mobile sector. Mobile sales were up 43% on last[...]
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