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Orlando Digital Marketing Agency Xcellimark Named Among Top 30 Link Building Firms for June 2013

Orlando-based digital marketing agency Xcellimark has once again been recognized as one of the Top 30 link building firms by TopSEOs, one of the leading authorities[...]

Your Ideal Prospects: 3 Steps to Finding Them

The ideal prospects can make you money, bring in other customers and are easy to work with. But, how do you find and keep these types of customers?

How NOT To Respond To Negative Reviews Online (aka How to Make People Hate Your Brand)

The way a business owner handles all of the chatter on the Web about his or her own business is very important. If a business responds negatively to a customer, they[...]

Pinterest Strategy: Are You Pinning With Purpose?

In the article “Pinterest Strategy: Are You Pinning with Purpose?” the author explores the ways in which Pinterest may be useful to a business owner. The piece[...]

Brand Marketers Must Manage Digital Content to Increase Traffic

Digital content marketing forces modern companies to take direct control of their output in order to foster more productive consumer dialogue. A recent case study of[...]

Google's Matt Cutts Awarded Patent on Detecting Hidden Text & Hidden Links

One of Google's systems currently in place has been used for three years and is just now receiving its patent. This article gives a brief explanation of the patent[...]

Content Writing: Visibility, Thought Leadership and Conversions

The Internet is no longer a monochrome mass of size-12 Times New Roman font, bright blue links and dense paragraphs of poorly optimized copy. These days, successful[...]

Xcellimark Launches a New Website with Modern Design & Third-Party Integration for Averett Warmus

Orlando interactive digital agency Xcellimark recently launched a new website for one of the largest CPA firms in Central Florida, Averett Warmus Durkee (AWD). The[...]

The Importance of Balancing SEO and Engaging Copy in Your Content Marketing Strategy

Whether you're a veteran Web marketer or a digital newbie, content marketing is crucial to your Internet marketing strategy. Thanks to changing consumer tastes and[...]

Creating Content To Earn Incoming Links

One of the key ways that search engines like Google rank webpages is through the number of quality incoming links directed to the site. Kumail Hemani, writing for[...]
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