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A Personal Response – From A Machine

In 1950, Alan Turing posed the question: will there ever be a machine that can successfully imitate a human? In recent years, several machines have come close to[...]

Public Wi-Fi Hotspots – The Risks

Keeping things up to date on a busy business website or social networking site is essential to stay ahead of the competition, but it can be very time consuming. Many[...]

Could Microsoft Sell Bing?

In less than a year, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer will retire. Former Nokia man Stephen Elop is hotly tipped to take the top job, and Elop is said to have a priority[...]

Understanding Hashtags

The day after Twitter’s remarkable stock market success, it is worth taking a look at one of the features that helped it grow to the point where this was possible.[...]

Myspace Returns

Ten years after its launch and five years after it began to decline, Myspace is back. The last four months have seen unexpected growth at the once-forgotten social[...]

Yelpers Fight For Wages

Four individuals who have frequently posted reviews on Yelp announced this week that they are bringing a lawsuit against the review site for breach of the Fair Labor[...]

Are Multiple-Page Sites Worthwhile?

Having lots of pages on a website does not automatically mean that it will receive a more favorable ranking from Google, said Matt Cutts yesterday. This will come as[...]

Facebook Custom Audiences Open Up New Opportunities

Facebook has long offered tools to help businesses target specific sets of customers; however, for the first time, it is now making it possible for them to target a[...]

Facebook Updates Page Insights

There have been big developments for social media marketing experts this week as Facebook has rolled out updates to its Page Insights system.

How to Get it Right With Twitter

Keeping a Twitter feed active can be expensive in terms of time and money. With retweets and favorites revealing only a limited part or the picture, how can a[...]
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