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8 Powerful Reasons to Upgrade Your Website Content Management System (CMS) Now

They wanted my assessment on their digital support systems and the framework they are using for their online marketing and publishing.Recently I received a request[...]
Content Marketing

Top 4 Reasons Why Content Creation is a Marketer's Biggest Challenge

I was chatting recently with members of the Orlando HUG (HubSpot User Group) at a workshop that we were having about content marketing. Most people that I talked to[...]

This is How to Actually Engage with More Sales Prospects

Do you think people make their buying decisions mainly based off logical considerations of product or service features? If you are shaking your head “yes,” and if I[...]
How to Create the Ultimate Competitive Analysis Strategy | Xcellimark Blog

How to Create the Ultimate Competitive Analysis Strategy

Much of your company’s success today, and in the future, will be determined by the effectiveness of your online digital marketing efforts. Therefore, it’s vital that[...]

How to Be Successful by Creating The Best Digital Marketing Strategy

Taking it Back to Where it all Began: 1983 I have been in marketing and sales for the technology industry since 1983. I understand that 34 years date me a bit, but I[...]

Super Bowl Ad Secrets: 6 Principles to Creating The Best Ads

So, what’s more exciting to you: Watching the Super Bowl or, Watching the highly-anticipated-because-they-are-so-outrageously-priced advertisements? Personally, I[...]
Behind the Scenes from Busting 23 of the Most Popular Marketing Myths

Behind the Scenes from Busting 23 of the Most Popular Marketing Myths

“Science and technology revolutionize our lives, but memory, tradition and myth frame our response “ - Arthur M. Schlesinger Science and technology… Isn’t that[...]
Feeling Competitive? Here's how to crush your competition with epic blog content...

How to Crush Your Competition with Epic Blog Content

Let’s be honest. If you’re a marketer, you already know how to blog and probably don’t know what I could possibly say that you don’t already know. I agree.[...]

The Shockingly Simple Steps to Creating Great Content

Content is King. We've all heard it a million times. If you haven't, I’m honored to be the first one you hear it from. Everyone talks about content. Everyone loves[...]

Warning: 25 Reasons Your B2B Lead Generation Is Failing (And How To Fix It)

Lead generation is a key part of your company’s marketing and sales efforts in order to grow revenue. Whether your company sells in a B2B market or handles complex[...]
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