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How to Win Prospects and Influence Powerful People

It is no surprise that lead generation is still the number one marketing challenge across all industries. It is also no surprise that converting those generated[...]

The Sneak Peek Into Our Competitive Analysis Results

Over the last month, Scott Lambert, CEO of Xcellimark, published two eye-opening articles about how to beat your competitors online. You may have read the one[...]

The Prelude to Discovering Where Your Competitors Are Beating You

Throughout my 20 years of Internet marketing experience, I have learned that monitoring your competitors can provide invaluable insights into their strengths,[...]

[SlideShare] Warning: 25 Reasons Your B2B Lead Generation Is Failing (And How To Fix It)

In B2B and complex B2C types of businesses, generating quality sales leads is a critical part of your Marketing department's efforts. In fact, Xcellimark conducted a[...]

Want to Know How To Be The Leader in the Engineering Industry? The Solution is Actually Simple.

Recently I was discussing different theories as to why the engineering and construction industries are lagging in the world of digital marketing with our CEO, Scott[...]

6 Traits That Pokemon Go & Inbound Marketing Have In Common (Infographic)

Pokemon Go, as of July 6th, is the latest craze. And let’s just say I never thought I would be the socially awkward person in the group by not playing it. Making an[...]

3 Insanely Valuable Ways Your HR Department Can Benefit From Marketing Automation

Bill Gates once said, “The key for us has always been hiring very smart people.” Well I think that is a great plan and idea, but HR (Human Resources) teams are[...]

Why Your Company Can’t Afford to Rely Solely on Word of Mouth for Lead Generation

Word of mouth can do wonders for your business. We’ve heard it all before – happy customers are what generates referrals. After all, what’s stronger social proof[...]
Free Yourself from Isolated Marketing Technologies | Xcellimark Blog

Holy Silos! Free Yourself from Isolated Marketing Technologies

Until recently, digital marketers have had to cobble together numerous technology “silos,” trying to optimize and integrate the different platforms in order to get[...]

3 Wicked Marketing Mistakes Engineers Need To Avoid

Steve Jobs once said: “Sometimes when you innovate, you make mistakes. It is best to admit them quickly, and get on with improving your other innovations.” That’s[...]
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