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Bing Revamps Online Video Search

Yesterday Bing unveiled its new approach to video search, and it is a model that looks set to enhance the potential value of online video for search engine optimization. By slimming down and speeding up the search process, the new approach is likely to increase overall viewing figures across numerous video platforms and make it easy for users to track down content based on word of mouth.

It has been established for some time that online video has a key role to play in small business marketing campaigns. Everyone dreams about having a video go viral, but getting a viral hit depends on more than people passing on links – it depends on people talking about it. When it becomes a subject of gossip and – for the really fortunate – gets news coverage, a hit video often passes through a stage when people are interested in seeing it but do not have the link. If they can search and find it successfully, they can find their way to the business site it goes with and they can start passing it along again.

The New Bing System Offers Two Major Advantages in this Regard

Firstly, it provides a figure for the number of hits a video has had directly underneath it, meaning that users can quickly see what is popular. Secondly, it provides quick, low resolution previews when the user mouses over a thumbnail, making it easy for them to filter through results. This means it is worth thinking carefully about how to make the first few seconds of a video used in a marketing campaign relate to its main hook, thereby ensuring that it can be identified in this way.

The new system also makes it easier to sort videos by date. This means that it can be worth re-posting a popular video from time to time, using different sites to broaden its reach. These sites are indicated in the search results by their icons. The straightforward combination of these various pieces of information means that, overall, video searches with Bing should be a lot faster than they have been in the past.

Effective online video campaigns have to draw fans back to the business site, so it is important to match keywords across platforms and on the site itself as well as linking from one to the other. For help with this and other aspects of promotion and search engine optimization, call leading online marketing specialists Xcellimark at 888-318-3950 ext 211 to speak with an internet marketing consultant.

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