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Boost Your Site Profile with Topical Twitter Content

How can a business get its site noticed more on Twitter? Making effective use of topical content on a business website can really make a difference; what is more, it can also direct search engine rankings. The trick, as so often in content marketing, is to know how to link it all together.

It has long been established that unique, high-quality content is the real key to web marketing success, and nothing beats topical content. To put it simply, every site can benefit from a news section, and new developments at Twitter have made such sections more useful than ever.

Related Headlines

Under the related headlines system, Twitter has started to map every instance when a news tweet is permanently embedded on a page. If it considers the content on the page to be relevant, it will include it in a list of related linked pages underneath the original tweet. This system, designed to make it easier for ordinary Twitter users to access more information about a story, can potentially give massive exposure to small businesses that are quick off the mark.

Watching Twitter has always been a good idea for businesses looking to break into new markets, and using topical hashtags in tweets is a great way to ensure that they get seen by a wider pool of people than just direct followers. The new system, because of the length of time that it displays links for in highly visible places, is even better. How can businesses capitalize on this? The vital thing is for them to keep it relevant.

Nobody outside Twitter’s own team yet knows the exact algorithm it is using to decide which sites to list, but one thing that is clear is that it is likely to favor sites with a lot of related material. This means that it is folly to chase every news story out there; instead, the key is to report news on a subject related to what the site is about, such as the product it sells or the town where its business is based. These stories should use smart keywords in the first few lines and should include embedded tweets from big news sources or early breaking tweets – the ones that are likely to get the most attention on Twitter itself. They also need to go up fast.

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