Improved Yahoo Answers Goes Mobile

Scott Lambert

After a long time spent largely as an archive resource, Yahoo Answers is back in a new, improved version. Finally streamlined to fit in with the new look of other Yahoo services, it is back up to speed with a number of new features including a design intended to work much more efficiently on mobile devices. This could make a big difference to how it is used and how effectively it can carve out a space in the rapidly expanding mobile internet market.

The move comes just as Apple has brought Siri’s search function out of beta, which is a development likely to encourage moves toward asking natural questions as the new basis of searching online. Neglected though it has been, Yahoo Answers is well ahead of the pack when it comes to handling such queries. Not only does its social aspect encourage engagement but it also builds up a valuable bank of answers to questions previously asked. For a small business, getting in early with answers to potentially popular questions can be a very good social media marketing strategy. The trick is to target relevant ones and, potentially, to have friends ask targeted questions that you can answer quickly by telling people about your products and services.

While the mobile angle gives Yahoo Answers good local search potential and makes it well worth a business owner’s while to look out for questions about their local area, the social networking aspect of Answers plugs a gap in Yahoo’s own marketing strategy. Further new developments are encouraging Yahoo users to get more involved, including a new personalized homepage and the opportunity to add pictures and videos. The homepage prominently displays points awarded for participation, meaning that users can compete with one another in usefulness.

This reputation-building aspect of the new design provides a further opportunity for business owners to build up customer goodwill and become recognized as experts in relevant fields. Capitalizing on this does not simply mean direct promotion, which could lead to spam complaints, but also developing a reputation for expertise that then leads other users to assume that what the business delivers must be good quality. To achieve that magic personal touch, a picture of the owner smiling outside the business premises works better than a logo, while a video clip of staff describing their passion for their field works better than an advert.

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