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Increasing Local Visibility with Google Maps Apps

Local business owners looking for a new way to strengthen their advertising campaigns will be pleased to hear about the latest developments at Google Maps. With current figures suggesting over half of searches on Google Maps are being made using mobile devices, the smart ads now appearing at the bottom of the screen are designed to deliver information in a way that ensures much better conversion between investment and returns.

The ultimate targeted local search, Google Maps check points users at businesses they are likely to be geographically close to. Google uses individuals’ search histories to identify the sort of products and services they are likely to be interested in, so that adverts are only seen by those likely to find them relevant. The new app, designed for Android and the iPhone, creates location-linked adverts both below and on the map itself, with a purple advertising icon acting as a link. Those below use a more complex pay-per-click metric that again improves targeting.

Viewing the first ten to fifteen words of the advert itself - and seeing the rough location of the business - is free of charge. The business pays when a user clicks (or swipes or taps) on the ad to see further information like its street address, phone number and opening hours, or when they click to call. It pays nothing when a user saves or shares the ad, improving its targeted reach. There is a maximum charge of two clicks per user per ad and once an ad has been expanded users can get directions to the business for free. Statistics on click types are available to ad owners.

In order to make use of the new app, a business needs to have a Google AdWords account with a location extension. It’s also necessary to make sure that the ad is suitable for mobile devices, and to make sure important information is concentrated into those first few words. The system requires ad owners to opt in to advertise with search partners in order to work, but this is the default setting so it isn’t difficult to set up. Ads that work on the mobile app also work, in a slightly different format, on tablets.

Google Maps now has over 200 million users and is increasingly popular as a navigation device. The new app can provide directions and a travel time estimate for any listed business a user takes an interest in. It turns an ordinary local search into a tool for getting directly to the business premises.

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