Making It Personal

Scott Lambert

Why do so many business owners find that they get more responses, in proportion to their number of connections, on their personal social media accounts than on their business ones? The answer is simple – people are more interested in connecting with people. Giving a business a more human face online can change the way it is received.

Give Your "About Us" Page a Makeover

Getting personal is about more than just social media; it starts with web design. The "about us" page, which is too often neglected, is a vital part of any small company’s online armory. Unlike big corporations, whose top executives seem so far removed from most people that their pictures and bios are merely a courtesy, a small company has the power to connect in a human way.

It is the online equivalent of the friendly manager welcoming customers to the local store. Photos and names provide this human connection; if there are safety concerns, just using first names can work. As well as noting what people do at the company, it is helpful to say something about what their hobbies are and, if relevant, how they fit into the local community.

Some businesses like to show their humorous side with pictures or videos of their staff dressing up or dancing. This can work, but the public is very good at telling what is and is not genuine. Insisting that staff members do something they are uncomfortable with is not just going to cause strife in the workplace but it is also going to put off potential customers.

Personalize Your Social Media Accounts

When it comes to social media, adding names to business accounts can really help with engagement. This does not mean changing the account details themselves but simply prefacing a Facebook post with a name or signing off a Tweet. It is fine to have several different people identifying themselves in this way, but it is helpful if the same individuals follow up on conversations with followers and fans. The personal angle means there is room to talk about social topics beyond the business itself, but it is important to have clear policies making it clear to the social media team just what is and is not appropriate for brand image.

Finally, a personally-engaged business can enjoy more success in handling complaints. Because an apology from a human being always seems more meaningful and a promise more helpful, it is possible to turn around customer dissatisfaction far more effectively and sometimes even win sales along the way.

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