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Yahoo Maps Gets an Upgrade

The global market dominance of Google Maps has made it difficult to compete with to the point where many businesses have decided not to make the effort to ensure that their details are included in rival systems. This week, however, Yahoo Maps has announced unexpected improvements that may change this.

Taking its data from business partner Nokia, Yahoo has now built up a solid and impressive-looking map database of its own, complete with photos to help users to familiarize themselves with an area or find their way around. This is enhanced by extensive pedestrian route mapping, making it easier for users to find their way around on foot, while public transport routes have also been added in many areas. This is something savvy internet marketers should quickly act on, as it has the potential to significantly boost local search conversions, especially in urban areas. It means a Yahoo Maps application now makes a useful addition to a website, especially if it is accompanied by images or details of local landmarks that can help those walking or using public transport to find the premises they are looking for.

In addition, Yahoo has added its own version of the search nearby facility that was recently dropped by Google. This facility is particularly useful for the restaurant industry, as people frequently use it to seek out eateries near places where they plan to shop or do business. It is still short on user-added data, however, due to its neglect in recent years. This means that such searches are not yet as useful as they used to be on Google; however, as the new Yahoo Maps looks likely to increase in popularity, it is good news for businesses that get listed on there early and therefore have more time to attract positive attention and build on their presence.

One thing the new Yahoo Maps has in its favor is that it looks easy to follow, but it is still worth paying careful attention when using it to get around. Two drivers got into trouble earlier this week when they put too much trust in Apple Maps, which directed them to an Alaskan airport where they accidentally drove onto the runway. Fortunately no one was hurt and Apple has now fixed the problem directions.

Local search is a vital aspect of marketing for many small businesses, but taking full advantage of opportunities such as those presented by Yahoo Maps can take a lot of skill. For help in getting it right, call Xcellimark at 888-318-3950 ext 211 to speak with an internet marketing consultant today.

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