Yahoo Surges Ahead

Nancy Lambert

It is normally a long way behind, but last month Yahoo overtook Google in terms of the number of unique US-based visitors using traditional devices. The surprise figures, revealed in the latest comScore analysis, will provide a big morale boost for the smaller search engine, which has been struggling to hang on to its market share since partnering with Bing.

While searches from mobile devices now make up the majority of search engine queries and are not included in these figures, the sudden surge for Yahoo is still surprising.

Yahoo had 197 million unique visitors over the course of the month, with Google receiving 192 million. This corresponds with a peak in Yahoo’s share price, which has remained high since the first financial quarter and indicates increased market confidence. Although it is still falling short of its financial targets, it is currently gaining in the markets more impressively than Google.

This is the First Time that Yahoo Has Ever Outdone Google

The turnaround in its fortunes has been attributed to the efforts of former Google executive Marissa Mayer, who has spent the last year as the smaller search engine’s president and CEO. Mayer was a dynamic leader from the outset, pushing for major changes in how Yahoo products were presented.

She ordered a major revamp of the main site and repackaged its services in an attempt to make them more appealing to new users. Her actions now appear to be paying off, even if it is likely to be a few months yet before Yahoo starts to make the money it needs to be a real contender for the top spot.

What Does this Shift in Search Engine Use Mean for Business?

The first point is that it is no longer sufficient to tailor search engine optimization work with only Google in mind. Even with its massive share of the market, it is far from the only player in town and its grip appears to be slipping.

Secondly, it is important to think about how people are accessing different search engines and what this means. That Google is so much stronger in searches made on mobile devices suggests that it remains the number one choice for campaigns focused on local search priorities, so it is more important for businesses that want to sell products by mail order to make sure they get their design right for Yahoo.

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